The Green Goose.
Hi, I'm Elise. I'm 17, in Sixth Form and living (I hope) in the UK. I currently study English Literature, Sociology and Maths at A-Level, and I hope to go to university to study English unless I die or something in the meantime which hopefully I won't.

This blog is largely for my original work as well as thoughts (which, to be honest, can be a bit of a mixed bag) and I really hope you enjoy. Most everything here belongs to me, unless its a reblog or stated otherwise. To be fair, though, I'm not sure why I'm saying that, as I can't think who'd want to steal my stuff...

I hope you're doing well today.
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    North Walsham.
    #Railway #RailwayBridge #Bridge #Tunnel #Sunset #Road #NorthWalsham

    Yo Elise this be hella pretty

    Yo Calum, YOU’S be hella pretty. ;).
    Thank you dear!! I like it too, gorgeous colours. The town can actually be very beautiful, and it’s hard not to just stop sometimes and capture it.

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    How I felt

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  • Application

    Eyes i use.
    Eyes i see.
    Eyes i use to

    Think you’re something special
    Staring out. He hates the squirrels,
    Apparently. Clawed
    Blue, I view them as
    Always broken

    A line break is a punctuatory measure.
    See, I like the horrid stresses
    i like the awful awful awful

    Bad poetry ha ha ha ha ha look at you reading
    All my bad poetry HA, HA, HA, HA

    I see you, don’t you know?
    I made a point not to gaze at shoes

    Eyes i use.
    Eyes i use.
    Eyes i’m not sure you use too

    A pen is envy. A pen is envy.
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  • "so honey, take me by the hand, and we can sign some papers
    forget the invitations, floral arrangements and breadmakers
    too late to go out, too young to stay in
    they’re talking about us living in sin;
    hey, hey, marry me, archie"
    Archie, Marry Me by Alvvays
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  • I want to snuggle into every word you’ve ever said.

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  • Summer 2012

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  • Walking in Memphis, Copper Eels

    I liked when we went to London
    And all of the advertisements
    Bestival off the train at King’s
    Cross, Greggs, Laura Ashley
    Making jokes together 
    On the balcony at night.

    I was afraid and thought I might die 
    Thought I could die and I wanted 
    I wanted to just…I’m not sure 
    Put under, it put me under

    Rain and London city lights

    Put aside
    From the rest of them, he 
    Gave us a squinting look which I 
    Can’t decide 
    And can’t find out 
    If it meant a thing 

    I wished they’d watched us laugh 

    To put some extra value on it perhaps

    And I hated the food but not really
    And I hated the eating though the hating
    It could have been avoided.

    But i did not avoid it
    Were the lights avoiding me?
    Skyline, deathly
    Severed tongue,
    Us, serenity.

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  • "real" what a hilarious concept

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    pain needs recognition
    but what if all you do is hurt
    what kind of soil is that
    if you keep reminding something broken
    of its damaged parts
    how will it know how to heal

    would it otherwise not be real
    would you then be running
    towards a hallucination?
    but if you keep looking back,
    how can you even be set in motion?

    I’m easily bored. That’s why.

    (via eliseisaslob)

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  • winter in the western

    spindles; what are they? Jazzed,
    Clasped, bread like white halitosis
    Pinkness weeping from the noses
    and the tiredness and our knowinglessness
    and eyes

    Nail varnish
    For the girls
    Put it on 
    And hope it carries on
    and that you payed 

    inside the throat it is diseased
    a voicebox singing, intermittently 
    But doesn’t everybody
    Smothered in…
    Not their weather or work
    Just their own

    We are not substance
    It is not the substance
    We are not the substance
    We are colourful,
    And beyond the light that we can see

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    I can’t remember everything
    so no longer can I check.
    You make me for-get anything
    So bad and all’s a wreck
    I can not double think
    I can not sleep
    but I can sink

    Where is my self security where are my
    pills where is my state to give me bread?
    Where is my mother, make her keep me
    I talk…

    An oldie but a goodie
    (i can tell cos this one got 4+ notes).

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